Motospeed K27 One Hand Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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Why Pay More? The question speaks for itself. A lot of games don't require the use of the full keyboard. So if you're looking for gaming equipment, why pay the price of a full keyboard, when you can get a smaller version at a cheaper price but still get the job done?

Blue Outemu Mechanical Switches. These are great all-round switches that provide audible feedback and a tactile bump for key press confirmation. Its versatility means that it's not only suitable for gaming, but for typing as well. Both versions of switches are dustproof.

High Level Durability. The K27 is good to withstand at least 50 million keystrokes. If you do the math, over a 20 year period you'd have to press keys 6,850 times every single day just to reach that number.

N-Key Rollover. As we all know with gaming, a lot of times you're required to press multiple keys all at once to perform an action/combination or chain moves together. Standard keyboards usually don't allow this as each key will cancel each other out if pressed at the same time. The N-Key Rollover (aka Anti-Ghosting) feature for the K27 ensures you can press any number of keys simultaneously without conflict.

Name: Motospeed K27
Keys: 27 Keys
Keystroke Life: 50 Million
Type: Wired
Style: Mechanical Keyboard
Backlighting: RGB
Key Rollover: N-Key
Interface Type: USB
Plug and
Play Support:
Windows XP/Vista/
Waterproof: No
Dustproof: Yes
Warranty: 6 Months
Base Colour(s): Black
Base Material: ABS
Current: 300mA
Voltage: 5V
Size (Inches): 8.31 x 5.83 x 1.61
Weight: 0.80 lbs (365g)


Mechanical Switches

Switch Brand: Outemu
Switch Type: Blue
Behaviour: Clicky, Tactile
Actuation Point: 2.7mm
Actuation Force: 46g
Total Travel
(to bottom out):
Sound Level: High


Style: Square
Material: ABS
Colour(s): Black
Legends: Lasered
Language(s): English


  • 1 x Motospeed K27 Mechanical Keyboard
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual