SI-9003 Optical Gaming Mouse

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Affordable Gaming Has Never Been This Good. The SI-9003 is a gaming mouse that has everything required to enhance your gaming experience. With the price of this mouse combined with the free shipping we offer, trust us when we say this such a great bargain.

Complete Control Over Your Mouse. If you don't want to waste any time, you can use the SI-9003 straight out of the box, just plug and play. On the other hand, the EasySMX driver helps with programming 2 buttons for reassigning functions and creating macros to suit your preferences and various games. With the SI-9003, you are the master of your mouse.

Engineered for Comfort and Durability. The SI-9003 has a  lightweight and compact body, helping you make quick movements without expending large amounts of energy and reducing fatigue over time. Its ergonomic shape is designed to nicely fit the human hand for a more natural feel and give you extended comfort for long gaming sessions. The Teflon feet make it more wear-resistant and smoother than the average mice, and also comes with an 18 month warranty.

Great Versatility and Accuracy at Blinding Speeds. Equipped with the FCT3168 optical sensor, the SI-9003 has the ability to instantly switch to 800/1,200/2,400/3,200 DPI on the fly, preparing you for any scenario. The mouse can also travel up to 48 inches in a single second without having any tracking issues. This, along with its 2 millisecond response time (500Hz polling rate), makes for instantaneous and super accurate gaming.

Name: SI-9003
Type: Wired
Warranty: 18 Months
Tracking Method: Optical
Colour(s): Black
Material: ABS
Ergonomical? Yes
Interface Type: USB
Life Span: 5 Million Clicks
Total Number of
Number of

Hand Orientation: Both
Sensor: FCT3168
Backlighting Colour(s): Red, Blue,
Green, Purple
DPI: 3200
Adjustable DPI? Yes
Polling Rate: 500Hz
Acceleration: 10G
Speed (IPS):
Frames per
Second (FPS):
Current: 100mA
Voltage: 5V
Plug and
Play Support:
Windows XP/Vista/
7/8/10, Mac OS
Size (Inches): 4.80 x 2.57 x 1.55
Weight: 0.31 lbs (140g)


  • 1 x SI-9003 Optical Gaming Mouse
  • 1 x User Manual